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Felted Magic Surprise

I received the gift from my secret swap partner on the Etsy European Street Team a few days ago, and on opening the package I was literally overjoyed to find the most perfect gift I could possibly have wished for …

… an incredibly beautiful felted wrap from Inger in my absolutely favourite colours!

I have loved Inger’s work for ages.  A free spirit who lives in Norway, she dyes her own wool and makes the most wonderful felted creations, often with silk fibres mixed in.  Seeing her work through photos could never have prepared me for what I held in my hands though … warm, super soft and light.   A mixture of greens blended into each other on one side of the shawl in cotton wool softness, and on the other side she had applied purple flowers with yellow lined stems and scatterings of shiny yellow fibres playing across the surface.  The shawl got “Oooohs” and “Aaaahs” from all the members of my family, with my eldest describing it as “camouflage” and my youngest as “looking like a forest”.

I finally managed a photo-shoot yesterday.  The weather was fine and hubby not at work since it was Sunday so he could take the photos while I showed off my new shawl :) 

Thank you so much Inger, I LOVE IT! :D

Thanks also to Judit,  our Winter Swap Fairy, for organising our swap once again! :)

See more of Inger’s work here, here and here.

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Yay for the Spring Fairy!!!

Look what I got in the mail!  Our wonderful Spring Fairy, aka Judit, assigned Nina of NinaJudin Books to be my Secret Spring Friend, and I’m thrilled with my gift!

Nina sent me this gorgeous leather journal, lined in my favourite colour green! :D

Thank you Nina, I love it! and thanks to Judit for being such a super Spring Fairy :)