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Monday Moodboard – It Rained Last Night …

… well THAT’s an understatement!  Bucketfuls of rain came pouring down, lightening bolts split the sky open and just when you thought it was all over, it would start again.

The Civil Protection Department issued several warnings for people to stay at home this morning as several roads were flooded, some of them literally turned into fast flowing rivers.  In some areas rubble walls broken and debris lay scattered on the roads.  

Uncommon sights seen due to the heavy downpours included cars being carried by the water down a valley and coffins floating away after an undertaker’s shop was flooded.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a very wet and stormy moodboard today:

Mystic Tree – 8×12 Inch Fine Art Photography Print by MatkirschPhoto

Sous l’orage – under the storm digital art Print by matilou

Blue Fibers Yarn Ribbon Pack – at least 20 metres – donated by CardsAndCraft

tiny paper boat …… ltd. edition 6/10 by matchstickgirl

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Monday Moodboard – 20.Sep.2010

Shopping can be such fun, especially when you’re sitting comfortably at home and really helping someone out when you’re doing it! :)

I bought some really lovely embroidered buttons handmade by Deep Indigo and donated to the Europe For Charity shop last week, and over the weekend I bought two wonderful prints from an amazing photographer who has just been awarded an artist’s residency with the MIRA foundation in Puglia Italy.

It’s a dream come true for Frances J Melhop, already voted among the top 200 photographers worldwide, but a dream that she needs help to turn into reality, because unless she manages to raise enough money to fly from Earthquake-hit New Zealand to Italy by the end of this week, the dream will slip right through her fingers.

In an effort to rapidly raise funds for her project she is offering a Buy-One-Get-One-Free on images of equivalent value in both her shops.  Check out her blogpost for more details and go shopping for something really special at Matchstickgirl and Enchanted Pond.
All featured works from Matchstickgirl and Enchanted Pond.
This is a limited time offer and will only be running until Sunday 26 september 2010.
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