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Monday Moodboard – It Rained Last Night …

… well THAT’s an understatement!  Bucketfuls of rain came pouring down, lightening bolts split the sky open and just when you thought it was all over, it would start again.

The Civil Protection Department issued several warnings for people to stay at home this morning as several roads were flooded, some of them literally turned into fast flowing rivers.  In some areas rubble walls broken and debris lay scattered on the roads.  

Uncommon sights seen due to the heavy downpours included cars being carried by the water down a valley and coffins floating away after an undertaker’s shop was flooded.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a very wet and stormy moodboard today:

Mystic Tree – 8×12 Inch Fine Art Photography Print by MatkirschPhoto

Sous l’orage – under the storm digital art Print by matilou

Blue Fibers Yarn Ribbon Pack – at least 20 metres – donated by CardsAndCraft

tiny paper boat …… ltd. edition 6/10 by matchstickgirl

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I WON!!!

Last week I entered Beadaholique’s Contest to Win A Lifetime Artfire Pro eCommerce Store.

I love ArtFire to bits, so the chance to win a free-for-life store was brilliant! 

There wasn’t enough time for me to order new supplies all the way from the US, but luckily I am already a Beadaholique customer and already had some of their supplies in hand.  I decided to make a simple design that best highlighted the materials used and sent off my entry.

I am absolutely thrilled to be one of the ten winners! :D

Thank you Beadaholique, thank you ArtFire! :)


A Woodland Choker

I made my first creation specifically for ArtFire this week, as part of the Handmade In Europe Guild’s monthly challenge.  This month had a Woodland theme and I used suede, wooden beads and glass flowers and leaves.

Available for sale in my ArtFire shop.

Fiery Fridays – tips from the top!

It is not uncommon for ArtFire admin to pop in to a forum thread with some really helpful comments and tips to the user community.

There was a discussion going on this week about a letter from the UK Handmade Community to Mary Queen of Shops, and her reply.  ArtFire admin jumped into the thread with some excellent tips on the importance of writing interesting product descriptions and creating a story around your listings to engage the buyer and highlight what is unique and special about your goods.

Here’s the new introduction to my beadwoven pendant with the ‘secret’ Maltese Cross:

Love, restless,
burning fever bright.
I sit and wait with longing,
each second an eternity,
until my Knight returns.
Our meetings secret,
our union forbidden.

read more here.

A Mermaid’s Song

In my Friday ArtFire post, I mentioned the new ArtFire collections.  I didn’t know that at the time they were still testing them and weren’t available to all members, but luckily they went live a few hours later and I got to make my first Collection yesterday.   The theme for my first collection was a complete no-brainer, I love the sea, I’m surrounded by the sea and I’ve just come back from 3 days of the most gorgeous sea and scenery in Gozo, so I made A Mermaid’s Song.

First, some shots of Gozo …

The Azure Window at Dwejra

Xlendi Tower, built in 1650 by The Order Of St. John

Xlendi Cliffs

… and here’s my first Artfire Collection:

Comments and ratings on the Collection page are very welcome! :)

Monday Moodboard – 26.Jul.10

Not Always Fun!


Last week I got stung by a jellyfish whilst swimming.   I’m normally quite careful and keep a watch out when the wind is blowing in towards the bay as jellyfish will be brought in along with the current, and I have a look into the sea to make sure it’s clear before jumping in.  Staying away from the sea when it’s obvious that there are jellyfish about has kept me sting-free for several years, but last week I got it wrong and was pretty surprised when I suddenly felt a burning sensation moving over my foot.  I was swimming with my younger son at the time and, as he was wearing goggles, he looked down and saw that there was a jellyfish, one of the common purple ones.  At least it was a minor sting but we didn’t fancy meeeting any more jellies so we immediately swam the 50 metres or so back to shore.


The best way to treat a jellyfish sting is to first of all NOT RUB OR SCRATCH the afflicted area, as that will only spread the venom.  I used a plastic card I had in my purse, a discount card similar to a credit card and scraped my foot where I had been stung whilst pouring water over it.   I would have followed this procedure up by applying vinegar to the sting as this is really soothing, but I didn’t have any and, although it was still burning,  the sting wasn’t too bad in this case and it was bearable.   The red welts slowly started to reduce and thankfully by evening they had almost disappeared.

Here are my picks for some harmless and totally gorgeous jellyfish by the members of the European Street Team on Etsy, enjoy!

Underwater Silence – Fine art photograph – Jellyfish by JKphotography

Handfelted jelly fish earrings by maroulina

Oh Jellyfish, Jellyfish… by GiftsandStars

MEDUSA 2 – Jellyfish brooch by marcomagro

jellyfish dance by enchantedpond
The Monday Moodboard is a game played by members of the European Street Team on Etsy.  Check out other members’ moods on FleurFatale’s blog.

A Gallery of Mum’s Paintings

Today we’re celebrating Mother’s Day and I’ve put together some of my own mum’s paintings in a post just for her!

Sunday Stroll

This is the best time of the year for country walks, the temperature ranges between the high teens and low twenties, so it is not yet too hot, and the fields are green and lush.  We make the most of it while we can, as unfortunately it quickly turns to brown with too much sun and no rain.

A short walk not too far from home is what we wanted today.  Our home is just outside the walls of Mdina, the old capital, which sits high on a hilltop with beautiful countryside below.

We took the road leading down from Mdina …

to where the now defunct train used to stop at the station

A perfect place at the bottom of the hill to take a photo of Mdina above, and a grassy field for the boys to play and for me to sit and enjoy the sun! :)