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Every Little Helps!

Today was the last day by which we could send our crocheted granny squares for the collaborative European Street Team (EST) on Etsy Granny Square Project organised by Baahar.

I promised Baahar to send some, even though the last time I had crocheted I was barely out of my childhood and I just knew the basic stitches!  I practised first by making one in a single colour then practised changing colours.  It took a few tries until I discovered the best combination to make the project’s required 7cm square. 

Here’s my contribution, sent off to Baahar this morning:


 Fingers crossed she’s happy with them!

In addition to the squares I also sent Baahar an Iris Folded card I had made especially for this project, to be presented with the blanket.



My last post for 2009 … a little something for others :)