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Fiery Fridays – Collections!

ArtFire Collections are a breeze to create!  Every single  listing on ArtFire now has an “Add to Collection” button, which places that item in a queue from which you can pick and choose which items will go in the Collection.  Once you have enough listings queued up you can start filling in your Collection by dragging and dropping.

Step 1 to creating a new Collection, a blank canvas with the collection queue on the right:

Step 2, dragging and dropping the listings:

One of the sweetest things about the new ArtFire Collections is what happens after you’ve created your ‘masterpiece’ … no need to worry about contacting all the featured members in the Collection because it’s taken care of by the system!  A default message with a link to the Collection is sent, or you can choose to personalise the message with your own text.

That is what I call user friendly! :)

My first Collection was created on Sunday, here are my other two:


More ArtFire news next week!

A Mermaid’s Song

In my Friday ArtFire post, I mentioned the new ArtFire collections.  I didn’t know that at the time they were still testing them and weren’t available to all members, but luckily they went live a few hours later and I got to make my first Collection yesterday.   The theme for my first collection was a complete no-brainer, I love the sea, I’m surrounded by the sea and I’ve just come back from 3 days of the most gorgeous sea and scenery in Gozo, so I made A Mermaid’s Song.

First, some shots of Gozo …

The Azure Window at Dwejra

Xlendi Tower, built in 1650 by The Order Of St. John

Xlendi Cliffs

… and here’s my first Artfire Collection:

Comments and ratings on the Collection page are very welcome! :)

Fiery Fridays – 06.Aug.10

More happy times on ArtFire this week, mostly thanks to my wonderful first customer who blogged and also left me fantastic feedback!  :)   Helen sells lovely jewellery and cute felt creations on ArtFire, be sure to take a look at her shop!

I was away for three days at the beginning of this week, and on my return I found myself in a happy, bright and wonderfully green Collection, which is a new ArtFire feature similar to the Etsy Treasury.  I haven’t tried making one myself yet, but I’ll have one done to show you by next week! :)

To finish off my weekly ArtFire post, here are my picks from more shops in Europe:

Featured shops:

NOTON, MeganJaneJewellery,
m.a.p.h i.a, AliBaliJewellery.

Jumping into the Fire!

I opened an ArtFire store a while back and didn’t do much to it apart from adding a couple of listings.  Views were really low on it and I was wondering how to proceed when I received a promotional offer to upgrade to Pro member for just $1 for the first month.  The membership could be downgraded again whenever I wanted, so I thought there really was nothing to lose to try it out.

So far I’m really impressed with the Pro features, which include an Etsy Item Importer with the facility to import either a single item or all items at once, and a Global Editor, which makes it really easy to make changes to a number of items all together.  There are a number of other features I still need to look into, including a Facebook Kiosk Application which I’m hoping will let me have my shop items on my Business Page rather than on my personal profile as seems to be the case with the Etsy Application for Facebook.  What I really like is the Rapid Cart feature which I’ve implemented here on my blog to allow anyone to purchase from my ArtFire store without having to create an account first.

I’ll be maintaining both my Etsy and ArtFire shops for the time being, but increasing the promotion on the ArtFire one instead of letting it lie dormant. 

Updates to follow, in the meantime I’d love to hear from anyone with a similar experience! :)