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My Creative Space – Beaded Beads

I love beaded beads!  I love the fact that what at first glance appears to be a simple bead, shows it’s true beauty on close inspection.  I nearly always wear a crystal beaded bead on leather myself, I find it goes perfectly with whatever I’m wearing, whether it’s out to dinner or even to the beach.   In fact I love it so much I put one up for a giveaway and I’m hoping that the winner will love it too! ;)

Today I’m making a more elegant version of these beads, with an inner row of light grey Swarovski pearls instead of crystals.   I recently made a bracelet as a gift, featuring one of these beads.   I’m planning on making more in this range for my shop.

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My Giveaway on Handmade Europe!

I’m sponsoring the June giveaway on Handmade Europe!

Anyone can enter to win this Beaded Bead Choker:

You can win this leather choker with a handworked beaded bead made of Swarovski crystals sent free anywhere in the world!

Visit Handmade Europe for details.