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Tiina arrives from Estonia!

In my other post about the Sales Fairy game organised by the European Street Team on Etsy, I wrote that I managed to catch the lovely Tiina made by Kuutydruk

She arrived in a lovely paper bag, decorated on one side and stamped with Kuutydruk’s logo on the other.  She also brought two chocolate bars with her! Yummy!!! :)


… as well as a note on how to keep her happy!



The day she arrived I was working on my challenge entry for the EST weekly challenge.  The theme was Mythology and I was making a necklace out of sea glass gathered from Gozo, precisely the place associated with Calypso.

Here she is, among my sea collection.  And I’m sure she started working her magic straight away because that evening I was named winner and host for the following week! :D



For the last photo I wanted to show Tiina in her new surroundings.  Kuutydruk describes her work as ‘Folk art in sewing and embroidery’, so I thought it appropriate to take a photo of her in front of a folk art cabinet that I painted a  few years ago.

Here she is, happy in her new home:

Tiina the Sales Fairy created by Kuutydruk


Thank you Kuutydruk for your beautiful fairy!

The Etsy European Street Team’s Sales Fairy

The Sales Fairy game, a wonderful fun game started by Inger of Ingermaaike
It started the day that a Sales Faery was created by Inger and bought by Vadjutka, who in turn created and listed one of her own.  This started a chain of fairy sales and listings as one after the other, members of the European Street Team grabbed a fairy just seconds after it was put up for sale on Etsy. 

Each member could only list their own fairy once they had bought one themselves, so there was a number of hopefuls for every fairy listed.  I managed to catch the beautiful Tiina, made by Kuutydruk.

The sales fairy I created was Tinkle Belle,  who was caught by Kraplap.

Full details, ‘rules’ and links to all Sales Fairies, can be found on the EST blog.