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Preparing for a Craft Fair

I’ve been busy preparing for a craft fair this week.  The Christmas edition of Patches is to be held this Sunday 12th December at the old indoor market in the capital city, Valletta.  

I made some new jewellery items of course, but I also wanted to be able to offer some small gifts and Christmas ornaments.  After a few trials and errors for hanging angels I was happy with the result I made in silver lined beads and coordinating wire with silver cord for hanging.  I gave each angel a unique touch by handpainting each wooden bead to be used for the head.  


My angel faces, drying off before use.


The finished angels


I also made a wire tree for displaying my earrings.  I used a mixture of brown, copper and olive wires and used several strands to hold many earrings.  I finished off each branch with a loop to hold the earrings securely.  



The market will be held indoors and we will be supplied with a table 8ft long and 2ft wide.  The rest is up to us so I started a checklist I can work from when packing everything up, otherwise I’m sure to forget something! 

  • Stand setup:
    - table cover
    - extension cord
    - lights
    - mirror
    - folding chair


  • Packaging:
    - boxes
    - tissue paper
    - string
    - bags


  • Display:
    - necklace busts
    - trays
    - ring holders
    - earring tree
  • Sundries:
    - ring sizer
    - measuring tape
    - scissors
    - tape
    - VAT receipt book
    - orders book
    - loose change
    - business cards
    - price tags
    - pen / pencil


I hope I’ve remembered to write everything down!  What else would YOU take?  I would love your comments so that I can update my list if it’s something I would need :)

Countdown to Christmas – Monday 14.Dec.09

Monday Moodboard for 14th December 2009

For me, the last 12 days before Christmas is really the time when I try to get into the Christmas mood.  I’ve found some wonderful things by fellow EuropeanStreetTeam members to help me along!


Santa’s Helper with Teddy Bear by HeartshapedCreations

Medieval Drawstring Bag by suislefil

Reindeer Bird by sabahnur

HandBlown Angel Bottle by evihan

Santa’s Mailbox by NickyBeeShop

Christmas ornaments by potglasshande

Gingerbread Christmas Cookies 1/12 miniature by PetitPlat

Gift Angel by gufobardo

Golden Poinsettias – Jewelery pouch with trim - Jewelry pouch with trim by artenini


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