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Monday Moodboard – 26.Jul.10

Not Always Fun!


Last week I got stung by a jellyfish whilst swimming.   I’m normally quite careful and keep a watch out when the wind is blowing in towards the bay as jellyfish will be brought in along with the current, and I have a look into the sea to make sure it’s clear before jumping in.  Staying away from the sea when it’s obvious that there are jellyfish about has kept me sting-free for several years, but last week I got it wrong and was pretty surprised when I suddenly felt a burning sensation moving over my foot.  I was swimming with my younger son at the time and, as he was wearing goggles, he looked down and saw that there was a jellyfish, one of the common purple ones.  At least it was a minor sting but we didn’t fancy meeeting any more jellies so we immediately swam the 50 metres or so back to shore.


The best way to treat a jellyfish sting is to first of all NOT RUB OR SCRATCH the afflicted area, as that will only spread the venom.  I used a plastic card I had in my purse, a discount card similar to a credit card and scraped my foot where I had been stung whilst pouring water over it.   I would have followed this procedure up by applying vinegar to the sting as this is really soothing, but I didn’t have any and, although it was still burning,  the sting wasn’t too bad in this case and it was bearable.   The red welts slowly started to reduce and thankfully by evening they had almost disappeared.

Here are my picks for some harmless and totally gorgeous jellyfish by the members of the European Street Team on Etsy, enjoy!

Underwater Silence – Fine art photograph – Jellyfish by JKphotography

Handfelted jelly fish earrings by maroulina

Oh Jellyfish, Jellyfish… by GiftsandStars

MEDUSA 2 – Jellyfish brooch by marcomagro

jellyfish dance by enchantedpond
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