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Venturing into Soutache

I’ve been seeing lots of pictures of Soutache work and thought “Yippee! Something new to try!!” :D

Very similar in technique to bead embroidery, flat back cabochons are stuck to a backing such as Lacy’s Stiff Stuff,  with beads and Soutache cord stitched around the focal cab.  Soutache can also be stitched directly to drilled beads without the need for a foundation.

Soutache work is very time consuming and great care has to be taken to ensure that the needle passes exactly through the centre channel on the soutache cord and also to make sure that the thread isn’t pulled too tight or the cord will pucker up.

My first Soutache work was a pendant.  The focal Turquoise cabochon was undrilled so I worked with a foundation.

Pendant with Soutache cord by gr8jewellery.
Work in progress.


I stuck Ultra Suede to the back to hide and secure all the ends, then stitched it to the foundation for a lasting finish.

Hand stitched backing on Soutache pendant.

The finished necklace.  Suede cord in turquoise and lime green and clasp with extender chain.




My Creative Space – 29.Jul.10

I started off my day by packing my first ArtFire sale that was bought by a lovely customer as a gift for a friend of hers. I am making all my own jewellery packaging at the moment. The item is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and bound by ribbon, then it is placed inside a handmade pillow box. I am constructing the pillow boxes from black cardstock with a wide ribbon, on which I stick my homemade logo stickers. I print out 30 stickers on each A4 sheet of peel-off adhesive silver foil for InjJet printers.

I also packed a little gift for the customer herself, as a little ‘thank you’ for being my first ArtFire customer. As soon as the packing was done I went to the Post Office and sent both packages off.

After my walk to the PO I was happy to do some beading.  I started a pair of earrings with pretty little glass flowers in a delicious violet/raspberry colour with coordinating seed beads and fringe beads.

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