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Fiery Fridays – tips from the top!

It is not uncommon for ArtFire admin to pop in to a forum thread with some really helpful comments and tips to the user community.

There was a discussion going on this week about a letter from the UK Handmade Community to Mary Queen of Shops, and her reply.  ArtFire admin jumped into the thread with some excellent tips on the importance of writing interesting product descriptions and creating a story around your listings to engage the buyer and highlight what is unique and special about your goods.

Here’s the new introduction to my beadwoven pendant with the ‘secret’ Maltese Cross:

Love, restless,
burning fever bright.
I sit and wait with longing,
each second an eternity,
until my Knight returns.
Our meetings secret,
our union forbidden.

read more here.

My Creative Space – 29.Jul.10

I started off my day by packing my first ArtFire sale that was bought by a lovely customer as a gift for a friend of hers. I am making all my own jewellery packaging at the moment. The item is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and bound by ribbon, then it is placed inside a handmade pillow box. I am constructing the pillow boxes from black cardstock with a wide ribbon, on which I stick my homemade logo stickers. I print out 30 stickers on each A4 sheet of peel-off adhesive silver foil for InjJet printers.

I also packed a little gift for the customer herself, as a little ‘thank you’ for being my first ArtFire customer. As soon as the packing was done I went to the Post Office and sent both packages off.

After my walk to the PO I was happy to do some beading.  I started a pair of earrings with pretty little glass flowers in a delicious violet/raspberry colour with coordinating seed beads and fringe beads.

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My Creative Space – Beaded Beads

I love beaded beads!  I love the fact that what at first glance appears to be a simple bead, shows it’s true beauty on close inspection.  I nearly always wear a crystal beaded bead on leather myself, I find it goes perfectly with whatever I’m wearing, whether it’s out to dinner or even to the beach.   In fact I love it so much I put one up for a giveaway and I’m hoping that the winner will love it too! ;)

Today I’m making a more elegant version of these beads, with an inner row of light grey Swarovski pearls instead of crystals.   I recently made a bracelet as a gift, featuring one of these beads.   I’m planning on making more in this range for my shop.

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Thank you for your votes! :)

A big ‘thank you’ to all who voted for my ‘Devouring The Sun’ beadwoven necklace in the Etsy Beadweavers June Challenge

This was my first attempt at a Beadweavers Challenge and I’m thrilled to have received enough votes to  place 2nd!! :D

The inspiration and process behind this work may be found here.

Click here to see the winning entry and all the runners-up.

Devouring The Sun

Beading An Eclipse part 2

In my Creative Space last Thursday evening I blogged about the beginnings of my entry to the Etsy Beadweavers June Challenge.  I worked like mad to get it ready in time because I only started it on that day and it had to be submitted by the 5th of June.  I realised late on Thursday that the 5th was actually Saturday not Friday so thankfully I had a few extra hours to work on it! :D

Even though I promised myself that I wouldn’t be undoing any work, that is precisely what I did to the first rivoli.  On looking again at the rivoli I showed in my blogpost on Thursday I thought it would look better with a slightly larger and more rounded black area, to show a bigger shadow of the  moon on the sun. 


It’s a small difference, but to me it was worth the work, I’m happier with the amended version!

I needed three rivoli, showing the sun in different stages of the eclipse.

Each Swarovski rivoli is captured in tiny beads before being embellished with more Swarovski crystals. The innermost beads are tiny 15/0 and the needle has to be really thin to go through the beads with more than one thread pass.

I tried to encompass the entire experience of a solar eclipse in this necklace.   The challenge was to  “try to remember one Phenomenon that amazed you the most and transfer it to amazing beaded jewelry”.

I mentally went back to 11th August 1999, the first and only time I witnessed a total eclipse of the sun.   It started at just before 11.30am and lasted almost 3 hours in all.  For the most part there wasn’t much to see, but the day grew increasingly grey and drab.  Then as the moon covered more and more of the sun, the sounds around us changed, the birds sensed a change and at the moment the moon covered the sun completely we were plunged in near darkness and we could even see major stars and planets in the sky.  The strangest thing was the irrational momentary fear that gripped me, even though I knew exactly what was happening it was as though some instinct was taking over.  At that moment I was awed by the whole event.

The dark sky and stars are depicted in the neckband, which is beadwoven in black seed beads with a scattering of Czech glass beads.  The bail connecting the rivoli crystals to the neckband was worked in black seed beads of different sizes.

The finished necklace, completely handmade one bead at a time with Swarovski crystals, Japanese seed beads, Czech Glass Beads, Fireline high strength thread, a lot of thought in the design and care in the execution. 

The voting is open between the 9th and the 15th June 2010.  Head over to the Beadweavers Blog to see all the entries and cast your vote!   Voting is open to everyone.  See the entries by clicking on the links below the mosaic, then vote for your favourite by choosing from the list on the right hand side on the blog and clicking on Vote.  If you’d like to vote for this necklace please select No.25! :)

‘Devouring The Sun’ is available here.

My Creative Space – Beading an Eclipse

I’m trying to capture a Solar Eclipse in beads today.  I’m working on my challenge entry for the Etsy Beadweavers’ June challenge, which has the theme ‘Phenomenon’. 

I had a very late idea about what my entry would be about because I was initially stumped, then I remembered a really amazing natural phenomenon I had witnessed a few years back, a total solar eclipse, and tried to remember all the little details that made up that experience. 

I needed to order some beads, which arrived today and I finally got started.  Now I’m working like mad to finish it in time …. by TOMORROW!!!!  Aaaaaargh!!!!!! :o

I’ve just finished bezelling a Swarovski rivoli with tiny beads, depicting the shadow of the moon creeping up onto the sun.  I’ve still got lots of work to do, and I’m hoping that I’ll be happy enough with the result so I can submit it for the challenge.  It’s not the first time I’ve undone my work when something’s not quite right and started again, but I really don’t have time for that with this one!

Back to work … and fingers crossed! ;)

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Simple but Stunning!

Stunning in its simplicity … a Swarovski 20mm Square attached to a memory wire choker by a beaded bail.

The beadwoven bail has been worked one bead at a time,  in the tiniest 15/0 silver lined amethyst cylinder beads to complement the colours in the crystal perfectly.  The Swarovski Square has tinges of pink, lilac, mauve and the lightest turquoise depending on the angle at which it catches the light.

Beatiful in real life, other colours coming soon.

Duality, a beadwoven ring

Beadwoven peyote ring, handworked in Japanese cylinder beads.  Two contrasting colours play along the ring in a free flowing pattern. 

Any colour combination possible.  No fixed pattern is used so no two rings will ever be the same.

‘Touch and Textures’ Choker

Another wonderful Etsy European Street Team challenge, this week hosted by Sabine of La Marquise des Anges.  She chose … SENSE OF TOUCH and TEXTURES.

So much fun with this one!

I immediately thought of beads in different finishes, materials, sizes and shapes of course … 

  • a central bead, completely handmade,  beadwoven out of the tiniest 15/0 Miyuki beads … coarse
  • cube beads, matte …  angular
  • silver plated oval spacer beads … smooth
  • wooden beads … warm
  • ridged acrylic ‘antique look’ spacer beads … rough

but wait …. not only beads certainly!

  • gunmetal chain … cold, sleek
  • feathers … so soft, light, sensual … irresistible!


To complete the picture, a supple leather cord around the neck  …

The TOUCH and TEXTURES Choker, now available in my Etsy shop.

Visit Sabine’s blog to see all the entries from other team members.