A Gallery of Mum’s Paintings

Today we’re celebrating Mother’s Day and I’ve put together some of my own mum’s paintings in a post just for her!

24 thoughts on “A Gallery of Mum’s Paintings

  1. baahar

    Wow, your mother is talented !! Very thoughtful of you to honor her work like this.

    I hope you had a wonderful mother’s day :)

  2. admin Post author

    Thank you for your lovely comment Baa! I’ll relay your message, I’m sure she’ll be very pleased! :)

    … and thank you, yes we did :D

  3. ira

    Is your mum painting??? My goodness she is so talented Joanne, that’s where your arty tasty came from:))) and Happy Mother day for you:)

  4. admin Post author

    Thank you all so much for your comments!

    She’s always been busy and clever with her hands, and painting is her passion! She paints every spare minute she has! :)

  5. barbarixart

    Oh these are soo wonderful!!!
    I love the one on the nineth line starting from the botton ( first one on the left)
    the street of a little french artists village of south of France….
    I would love to see more of those!

  6. Maddy

    I sure hope mum is selling these! She is very talented and they all are very good. It would be a very hard pick to choose just one.

  7. Elaine Dodd

    Beautiful! I imagine growing up with such inspiration surrounding you opens the floodgates of imagination. You mother is so talented. If I have to pick a favorite (not easy) I gravitate to the florals.

  8. Viola

    Wow, all of them are beautiful! Your mom should be proud of herself,she is talented.It’s a great idea giving your mother a gift like that. My mom has some paintings ,too.May be I can put some of my mom’s to my blog.
    I love the flowers,most:)

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