‘Folds’ Challenge Entries here on behalf of florigamigirl

Congratulations to Flori of florigamigirl who is the winner for “The Tulip” Challenge with her Tulip iPhone Pouch! :)

The entries for this week may be viewed on my blog as Flori does not have her own blog yet.

Here’s what she said about winning the challenge and what she wants from us this week:


So ‘beginner’s luck’ struck on Monday night when I won the EST challenge! The theme of ‘Tulips’ had been set for us by Zsuzsa and there were some absolutely stunning entries. Thank you to Zsuzsa for hosting the challenge and ultimately for choosing my pouch as the winner. It just goes to show, you can’t win it unless you’re in it, so if you are a newbie like me, please do have a go!

The theme I have set for this week is ‘Folds’. The main focus of my shop initially were my folded felt flowers. Each petal is folded then sewn, then the flower assembled together, and again sewn and finally glued for good measure! Folding immediately gives a new 3D aspect to a 2D material, whether metal, fabric, paper, leather or any other medium. It produces a sense of inside and outside, of a potential space and adds a tactile nature to a flat medium.


I really hope you all find this week’s challenge, well….challenging!! That’s where the best ideas come from – when we think outside our (unfolded) box!

The new winner will be announced at 9pm CET. So let me see what you can create for this challenge by then!

Thanks to Joanne here at gr8 jewellery for helping this non-blogger out. I really appreciate her kindness!

end quote.


I’m very happy to blog the entries Flori, and look forward to seeing them all here! :)




EMILY ROSE Diaper bag or Messenger bag
by ikabags



handmade ooak nunofelt cotton teal scarf
by ingermaaike



Windmill toy brooch pinwheel
by fluxplay



The Origami Lover Purse- Linen, Vintage Fabric and Leather Strap 
by StarBags





SISSY scoop neck tank top . size S, M , L or XL
by lamarquisedesanges



Paper Boat Brooch
by lacravatteduchien



Folds-silver earstuds
by Donauluft



Rock Wheel Cuff
by ArtBeadwork




by AngelPearls



Pair of Mini Linen Cushions/Pillows
by pomella



 SHAR PEI – little bag for iPhone (or other cellphone)
by LabSpace




Sakura hoops in sterling silver
by fleurfatale



by TwoTreesBelgium



Happy Snail Pincushion
by KalliaSuppliesland




Waves and folds, crossed binding structure journal
by paulinepaulette



Origami Rose Brooch
by Bluebelldesign



Shibori Folded Silk Scarf in Orange and Pink Tones
by enchantedhue



Reversible ‘Folded’ Pendant
by gr8jewellery



The Floating World, an OOAK Necklace
by LaTouchables



Recycled Vintage Linen Pleated Purse with Rossette
by lilydove



9 p.m.

time for Flori to pick the new winner …


… and the winner is …


Star bags, well done Esther & Estella!



Congratulations Star and well done everyone!!





14 thoughts on “‘Folds’ Challenge Entries here on behalf of florigamigirl

  1. ira

    an interesting theme flori and thank you for hosting Joanne:) I’m not sure if I can pariticipate tho, it’s Saturday already..

  2. Joanne Post author

    Flori will pick winner at 9pm CET. You can send in your entry any time before that! :)

  3. Omnia

    Wow, there were so many fabulous entries in the end!! It must’ve been a tough decision, but I think I would’ve made the same choice personally; that bag is just gorgeous! :D xxx

  4. LabSpace

    Thank you very much, SexyHandMade! :)))
    Well done everyone, thank you Florigami for the theme and Joanne for hosting, I had so much fun preparing for the challenge and enjoying all the entries. It is always fascinating to see personal interpretations on a given theme. Well done to Starbags for winning, and have a super creative week everybody!

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