“Spring Flowers”

I recently got this journal from Renate of Kreativlink.  She makes the most fabulous, well made journals you could find and the only problem with her books is to decide which one you want … and once you make up your mind don’t think too long because it might be gone in the time it takes to say “That’s The One!” :)

Well, here is mine … absolutely perfect in every way, and unbelievably even more beautiful in real life than you could imagine from the photos.


I love everything about this journal,

  • my favourite colour, green
  • sweet, hand drawn flowers
  • a cute butterfly bookmark
  • perfect stitching
  • green stained paper
  • the certificate of authenticity signed by Renate


  • and the most incredible button to finish it off!

As I said, absolute perfection! 


6 thoughts on ““Spring Flowers”

  1. ira

    You’ve got a fabulous journal Joanne! Lucky thing:)
    I have two from her, hm…..maybe need a new one too now:)

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