‘The Button’ beadwoven ring

A new creation made especially for this week’s European Street Team challenge hosted by Petronella of  P8 Button Art and Accessories and having the theme “The Button”.

Here is what Petronella wanted from us:

“There must be at least one button in your creation, and it must have a prominent place ! It can be something actually used as a button, but it can also be a real button not used as a button but as deco, etc.”

Such a fun challenge!  I knew I just had to have a button I could use, so out came the tin with my stash of buttons, hoping to find something suitable. Rummage, rummage … one or more buttons for a necklace or bracelet? …. for earrings maybe? …. nope, nothing I liked enough yet … until finally … a simple wooden button that needed a new lease of life.

Now the beads … a few beads well chosen beads in different shapes and sizes, all chosen to complement the simple wood without overpowering it and a simple band beadwoven in metallic bronze cylinder beads … and a ring was born.

See all entries to the challenge on Petronella’s blog at http://kraplap.blogspot.com/2010/03/challenge-button.html

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