Sunday Stroll

This is the best time of the year for country walks, the temperature ranges between the high teens and low twenties, so it is not yet too hot, and the fields are green and lush.  We make the most of it while we can, as unfortunately it quickly turns to brown with too much sun and no rain.

A short walk not too far from home is what we wanted today.  Our home is just outside the walls of Mdina, the old capital, which sits high on a hilltop with beautiful countryside below.

We took the road leading down from Mdina …

to where the now defunct train used to stop at the station

A perfect place at the bottom of the hill to take a photo of Mdina above, and a grassy field for the boys to play and for me to sit and enjoy the sun! :)

3 thoughts on “Sunday Stroll

  1. kuutydruk

    Oh wow… I’m green :) This is amazing how one place in Europe is so green and sunny already and we have still rain and ice and big heaps of snow. How unfair! :)

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