The Etsy European Street Team’s Sales Fairy

The Sales Fairy game, a wonderful fun game started by Inger of Ingermaaike
It started the day that a Sales Faery was created by Inger and bought by Vadjutka, who in turn created and listed one of her own.  This started a chain of fairy sales and listings as one after the other, members of the European Street Team grabbed a fairy just seconds after it was put up for sale on Etsy. 

Each member could only list their own fairy once they had bought one themselves, so there was a number of hopefuls for every fairy listed.  I managed to catch the beautiful Tiina, made by Kuutydruk.

The sales fairy I created was Tinkle Belle,  who was caught by Kraplap.

Full details, ‘rules’ and links to all Sales Fairies, can be found on the EST blog.

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