A Secret Santa gift for me! :)

I arrived home on Saturday afternoon to a wonderful surprise …. a big white envelope with the magic words SECRET SANTA written on it!

I just had to open it immediately!  My secret santa turned out to be Nancy Falkow .  She totally spoiled me with not one, but four gifts! 

Each package was numbered and the card gave clues as to what was inside.   I found:

  • an ingenious holder for my beading needles
  • really cute pins for my notice board
  • a wonderful sleeve for my mobile
  • and finally … Nancy’s own CD!   I settled down to hear the CD at once and I was really impressed hearing Nancy sing, beautiful voice!!

Thank you Nancy for your wonderful and thoughtful gifts.  I love them all, and especially the case for my beading needles, hopefully I won’t lose them any more! :)

Special thanks also to Mitsy for organising this game!

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