In Istanbul With Friends

 Just one week ago today I landed in Istanbul to spend a few days with four virtual friends I had gotten to know on Etsy’s European Street Team.  It’s a big leap from chatting on the net to chatting in real life, especially since being chatty isn’t exactly one of my strong points! ;)

The whole holiday was great, the girls were fantastic and just as I’d imagined them to be.  It felt as though we had known each other forever and the four days passed in a whirlwind of laughter, food, more laughter, lots of sightseeing, even more food and yet more laughter!

Happy times in Istanbul with (left to right)
Stephanie, Inger, Renate and Kristin. Little me on the right.
Thanks to Stephanie for the photo!


A little time was spent on supplies shopping too of course!

Braiding supplies from Istanbul

Fabric from Istanbul


One of the highlights for me was to watch Kristin from EviHAN at work in her studio, making one of her delightful angel faces.


She even let me have a go at trying to make a bead!  She makes it look super easy, and it may be too … after lots and lots of practice!  Here’s my first attempt …


We were lucky to have Kristin to show us around and help us to choose the most delicious food.



One of our walks led us to a small snackbar where we tasted a cheese-filled Filo pastry “pie” that tasted just like Maltese Ricotta Pastizzi!


Scrumptious breakfasts, lunches and dinners could easily have given us an extra 10Kg each, luckily we walked lots of it off to take in all the sights.  Here are a few:


The Bosphorus Strait


Inside the Topkapi Palace


The Basilica Cistern


Hagia Sofia & The Blue Mosque


8 thoughts on “In Istanbul With Friends

  1. Leina

    Heya, you have had fantastic time together. Next time I so want to join the all the fun. And guess what – I am so envy you could make your first glass bead… it looks sweet.

  2. admin Post author

    Yay for next time! Looking forward already!! :D

    I had promised myself I would try lampworking this year, so it’s great I could get the chance to do it under Kristin’s expert direction. All I need now is the equipment and hours of practice :)

  3. IngerMaaike

    It was such fun, I don’t think I ever laughed so much in such a short period of time :)

  4. Kristin

    ohhh thank you so much for this great blogging:-) it was such unforgettible moments with all of you:-) hope to see you all again:-)

  5. admin Post author

    Thank YOU Kris! :D
    It was wonderful to meet you and so kind of you to spend to much time with us and making our visit so much easier and more enjoyable. Greatly appreciated!! :D

  6. baa

    Loved to see you all. And all the food too :) Thanks for sharing. Your first glass bead looks great as well. I love lampwork … hopefully Kris will let me try when I visit her :)

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