Fiery Fridays – 15.Oct.10

Fresh news from ArtFire this week …

  1. I gave my ArtFire Studio a re-organisation this week.  I changed my Sections to reflect my jewellery styles, such as Fantasy & Floral.   The sections were previously based on jewellery types, e.g. Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and so on.   I prefer the cohesive look now, when the individual categories are viewed.  Anyone can still see all the rings or bracelets together by using the Search Bar within my Studio.  In keeping with the new sections, I’ve updated the Rapid Cart on this blog (see right).  I now have three separate carts, each featuring four products from a particular section. 
    Another new widget I’ve put in my Studio links back to this blog, showing all my Creative Space posts.  This will give Studio visitors a glimpse behind the scenes.
  2. The Handmade In Europe (HIE) Guild’s Halloween Game carries on till the end of  October.  Lots of fantastic prizes to be won, including a $15 voucher from my ArtFire shop.  See this post on the HIE blog for details.
  3. I found my work in several wonderful Collections this week, including:
    European Autumn by MadLook
    Rich and spectacular … by Arctida
    Have a Sweet Day! by LarimarLounge
    Beadweavers Whites by GoodQuillHunting
    Handmade in Europe by ArjasUni 
    Thanks to all the curators who featured my work! :)
  4. And last but certainly not least, the fantastic news that I WON!!! :D


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