I WON!!!

Last week I entered Beadaholique’s Contest to Win A Lifetime Artfire Pro eCommerce Store.

I love ArtFire to bits, so the chance to win a free-for-life store was brilliant! 

There wasn’t enough time for me to order new supplies all the way from the US, but luckily I am already a Beadaholique customer and already had some of their supplies in hand.  I decided to make a simple design that best highlighted the materials used and sent off my entry.

I am absolutely thrilled to be one of the ten winners! :D

Thank you Beadaholique, thank you ArtFire! :)


18 thoughts on “I WON!!!

  1. Thongbai Tatong

    Congrats, Joanne. Wowo.. I wanna win such a thing too. Maybe Etsy should have this kind of contest as well;)

    So happy for you to have won the contest with this absolutely stunning bracelet.

  2. Joanne Post author

    Thank you Bai! :)
    You can always try suggesting to Etsy of course ;)
    I seriously doubt they would though, since their fees are based on listings and transaction fees rather than a fixed monthly fee.

  3. beadaholique

    Joanne, we are very happy to award you this prize. Jewelry doesn’t have to be complicated to show great design. Also, as a tip to any jewelry designers who want to sell online, there were many entries that had the potential to be winners, but the photographs were so terrible, we felt that the contestants wouldn’t be able to sell the jewelry with them! Joanne sent us a great design, AND an appealing photograph of it.
    -sarah, beadaholique

  4. admin Post author

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment Sarah, greatly appreciated! Also, many thanks once again for awarding me the prize! :D

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