It’s a Definite ‘Go’ on ArtFire!

The Artfire $5.95 Group Deal is ON!!!

Snapshot from a Forum thread posted this week announcing the definite activation of this super value-for-money deal!

In another display of why ArtFire is such a great place to be, Tony wrote a really helpful post in the Forum especially for Etsy users, to welcome the newcomers and highlight the difference between Etsy and ArtFire.  Lots of helpful hints on how to make the most of selling on the two sites, useful to new and old members alike.

If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?  If you’re not already a seller on ArtFire, you should first register here, then opt-in for a Pro account for $5.95/month here.

Stay tuned for more ArtFire news in my Fiery Fridays posts! :)


4 thoughts on “It’s a Definite ‘Go’ on ArtFire!

  1. Joanne Post author

    Inger, ArtFire makes it really easy for PRO account holders to import all their Etsy listings with an Import Tool. You will need to edit to change approx 30% of the title and description in order to be found by Google, but it saves tons of work!

  2. Michele

    That really sounds interesting Joanne,
    have to get a closer look at artfire when I am back from my vacation.
    I did think,
    we in Europe are not alloud to sell on art fire,
    did think the side is only for americans…

  3. Joanne Post author

    It’s a global site Michele, you can even view the listings in various currencies too. :)

    edited to add:
    … and hope you have a wonderful holiday! :D

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