Fiery Fridays – 17.Sep.10

So much happening on ArtFire this week!  There was a huge buzz with the news that ArtFire will be exiting Beta very soon and to celebrate they are offering a limited number of people the chance to lock in a never-before-seen monthly rate of  just $5.95. 

This is a great opportunity to have a PRO account and benefit from really great seller tools whilst being found by millions of shoppers through ArtFire’s unique vision of pushing its members’ items out to where the shoppers are.   When you list an item in your studio, it is loaded into Google Shopping and TheFind, the top shopping engines worldwide.  All this for the truly small sum of approximately US$0.20 per day.  That is all you’ll need to pay because on ArtFire there are no listing fees and no transaction fees!

Get in on the deal now, risk free.   Existing members are getting the first chance at this deal, so if you’re not already a seller on ArtFire, you should first register here.  You can open a Basic shop for free and will only pay the new low PRO monthly fee once this deal is activated.  There is a minimum threshold of 20,000 members required to opt in before this deal comes into effect.  If this minimum number is not reached, everything remains as it is and all PRO members will continue paying their current monthly rate, while all current Basic shops will remain free.

To top it all off I’ve just read on the Chatterbox Forums that ArtFire is giving away 5 iPads, one each day of the week starting from Monday 20th September.   Opt-in to the Group Deal and you’re automatically entered each day for a chance to win an iPad! Woweeee!!! :D

More exciting news this week is the preview of the revamped Front Page to be launched very soon.  I’m looking forward to this!

And one last announcement; on a personal note I’m happy to have become an ArtFire Maven, which means that I’m in a team that gets special access to information and is involved in the early planning stages of new features.  Mavens are often asked to test new tools/features and give feedback before they’re taken live for the entire community so it’s the perfect playground! :)

That’s it from ArtFire for today.  See my previous Fiery Fridays posts for more news on my ArtFire experience.


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