Fiery Fridays – Collections!

ArtFire Collections are a breeze to create!  Every single  listing on ArtFire now has an “Add to Collection” button, which places that item in a queue from which you can pick and choose which items will go in the Collection.  Once you have enough listings queued up you can start filling in your Collection by dragging and dropping.

Step 1 to creating a new Collection, a blank canvas with the collection queue on the right:

Step 2, dragging and dropping the listings:

One of the sweetest things about the new ArtFire Collections is what happens after you’ve created your ‘masterpiece’ … no need to worry about contacting all the featured members in the Collection because it’s taken care of by the system!  A default message with a link to the Collection is sent, or you can choose to personalise the message with your own text.

That is what I call user friendly! :)

My first Collection was created on Sunday, here are my other two:


More ArtFire news next week!

5 thoughts on “Fiery Fridays – Collections!

  1. nicole

    What a nice alternative to the Treasury system. I very much liked what you said about the system contacting those that are featured, instead of us having to do it ourselves.

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for your comments :)

    It IS fun creating Collections and it looks like ArtFire have put a lot of thought in the process to make it as easy as possible. They also gave us members the option to have a Collections tab so all the Collections we create can be accessed from within our shops. Some members think this drives traffic away from own shop though, so it’s great that it’s optional :)

    Two thumbs up to ArtFire once again! :D

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