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ArtFire Certified Handmade Artifact awarded to gr8jewellery

I am happy and proud to announce that I have received the ArtFire Certified Handmade Artifact.



ArtFire has created the first Certified Handmade Award in the handmade market. All the applicants are rigorously reviewed and the artifact is awarded only to artisans offering exclusively Handmade or Fine Art items. I meet all the criteria so I sent off my application together with an explanation of my handmade process plus photos of my studio and of works in progress.

As designer and creator of all my jewellery, I take great pride in my work. Each piece is meticulously and skilfully made with my own hands. This badge, which is displayed in my ArtFire shop and listings, provides extra reassurance to all my visitors of my commitment to handmade.


Fiery Fridays – 15.Oct.10

Fresh news from ArtFire this week …

  1. I gave my ArtFire Studio a re-organisation this week.  I changed my Sections to reflect my jewellery styles, such as Fantasy & Floral.   The sections were previously based on jewellery types, e.g. Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and so on.   I prefer the cohesive look now, when the individual categories are viewed.  Anyone can still see all the rings or bracelets together by using the Search Bar within my Studio.  In keeping with the new sections, I’ve updated the Rapid Cart on this blog (see right).  I now have three separate carts, each featuring four products from a particular section. 
    Another new widget I’ve put in my Studio links back to this blog, showing all my Creative Space posts.  This will give Studio visitors a glimpse behind the scenes.
  2. The Handmade In Europe (HIE) Guild’s Halloween Game carries on till the end of  October.  Lots of fantastic prizes to be won, including a $15 voucher from my ArtFire shop.  See this post on the HIE blog for details.
  3. I found my work in several wonderful Collections this week, including:
    European Autumn by MadLook
    Rich and spectacular … by Arctida
    Have a Sweet Day! by LarimarLounge
    Beadweavers Whites by GoodQuillHunting
    Handmade in Europe by ArjasUni 
    Thanks to all the curators who featured my work! :)
  4. And last but certainly not least, the fantastic news that I WON!!! :D


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I WON!!!

Last week I entered Beadaholique’s Contest to Win A Lifetime Artfire Pro eCommerce Store.

I love ArtFire to bits, so the chance to win a free-for-life store was brilliant! 

There wasn’t enough time for me to order new supplies all the way from the US, but luckily I am already a Beadaholique customer and already had some of their supplies in hand.  I decided to make a simple design that best highlighted the materials used and sent off my entry.

I am absolutely thrilled to be one of the ten winners! :D

Thank you Beadaholique, thank you ArtFire! :)


My ArtFire News

I missed my Fiery Fridays post, so here is a Splendid Sunday instead! :)

The $5.95 Group Deal was activated on 1st October and besides opting in with my gr8jewellery shop, I also opened another shop at that special rate.  I’ve been seeing many new Pro Shops and found it much easier to find listings from Pro studios for my newest Collection.  It was indeed A Fruitful Search ;)

I also noticed an active Beadweavers’ Guild so I immediately applied and am very happy to have been accepted.  One of the members, Carol from SandFibers, created a Collection featuring Guild members’ work and the first thing I saw this morning on opening ArtFire was my Mystic Eye Choker staring back at me from the front page of ArtFire! Thank you Carol :D

Check out my Fiery Fridays posts for more news on ArtFire.


It’s a Definite ‘Go’ on ArtFire!

The Artfire $5.95 Group Deal is ON!!!

Snapshot from a Forum thread posted this week announcing the definite activation of this super value-for-money deal!

In another display of why ArtFire is such a great place to be, Tony wrote a really helpful post in the Forum especially for Etsy users, to welcome the newcomers and highlight the difference between Etsy and ArtFire.  Lots of helpful hints on how to make the most of selling on the two sites, useful to new and old members alike.

If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?  If you’re not already a seller on ArtFire, you should first register here, then opt-in for a Pro account for $5.95/month here.

Stay tuned for more ArtFire news in my Fiery Fridays posts! :)