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Preparing for a Craft Fair

I’ve been busy preparing for a craft fair this week.  The Christmas edition of Patches is to be held this Sunday 12th December at the old indoor market in the capital city, Valletta.  

I made some new jewellery items of course, but I also wanted to be able to offer some small gifts and Christmas ornaments.  After a few trials and errors for hanging angels I was happy with the result I made in silver lined beads and coordinating wire with silver cord for hanging.  I gave each angel a unique touch by handpainting each wooden bead to be used for the head.  


My angel faces, drying off before use.


The finished angels


I also made a wire tree for displaying my earrings.  I used a mixture of brown, copper and olive wires and used several strands to hold many earrings.  I finished off each branch with a loop to hold the earrings securely.  



The market will be held indoors and we will be supplied with a table 8ft long and 2ft wide.  The rest is up to us so I started a checklist I can work from when packing everything up, otherwise I’m sure to forget something! 

  • Stand setup:
    - table cover
    - extension cord
    - lights
    - mirror
    - folding chair


  • Packaging:
    - boxes
    - tissue paper
    - string
    - bags


  • Display:
    - necklace busts
    - trays
    - ring holders
    - earring tree
  • Sundries:
    - ring sizer
    - measuring tape
    - scissors
    - tape
    - VAT receipt book
    - orders book
    - loose change
    - business cards
    - price tags
    - pen / pencil


I hope I’ve remembered to write everything down!  What else would YOU take?  I would love your comments so that I can update my list if it’s something I would need :)

Felted Magic Surprise

I received the gift from my secret swap partner on the Etsy European Street Team a few days ago, and on opening the package I was literally overjoyed to find the most perfect gift I could possibly have wished for …

… an incredibly beautiful felted wrap from Inger in my absolutely favourite colours!

I have loved Inger’s work for ages.  A free spirit who lives in Norway, she dyes her own wool and makes the most wonderful felted creations, often with silk fibres mixed in.  Seeing her work through photos could never have prepared me for what I held in my hands though … warm, super soft and light.   A mixture of greens blended into each other on one side of the shawl in cotton wool softness, and on the other side she had applied purple flowers with yellow lined stems and scatterings of shiny yellow fibres playing across the surface.  The shawl got “Oooohs” and “Aaaahs” from all the members of my family, with my eldest describing it as “camouflage” and my youngest as “looking like a forest”.

I finally managed a photo-shoot yesterday.  The weather was fine and hubby not at work since it was Sunday so he could take the photos while I showed off my new shawl :) 

Thank you so much Inger, I LOVE IT! :D

Thanks also to Judit,  our Winter Swap Fairy, for organising our swap once again! :)

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My Creative Space …


I have a bracelet that needs working on, similar to the necklace shown in the background.  Teeny tiny silver lined cylinder beads, each measuring just approx 1mm in length, will be used.  Unfortunately not all the beads are evenly sized, so I need to check each one as I pick it up. 

This isn’t work to be done in a hurry, and frequent eye rests are a must, but I know it’ll be worth it when I see it finished! :)

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Monday Moodboard – It Rained Last Night …

… well THAT’s an understatement!  Bucketfuls of rain came pouring down, lightening bolts split the sky open and just when you thought it was all over, it would start again.

The Civil Protection Department issued several warnings for people to stay at home this morning as several roads were flooded, some of them literally turned into fast flowing rivers.  In some areas rubble walls broken and debris lay scattered on the roads.  

Uncommon sights seen due to the heavy downpours included cars being carried by the water down a valley and coffins floating away after an undertaker’s shop was flooded.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a very wet and stormy moodboard today:

Mystic Tree – 8×12 Inch Fine Art Photography Print by MatkirschPhoto

Sous l’orage – under the storm digital art Print by matilou

Blue Fibers Yarn Ribbon Pack – at least 20 metres – donated by CardsAndCraft

tiny paper boat …… ltd. edition 6/10 by matchstickgirl

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Black Beads, Blue Water, Red Sky

My Creative Space today starts out with the usual photo of my workspace.  I wanted to use up some of my stash of black beads so I laid out a variety on my beading mat and started mulling over different ideas. 

Nothing super exciting came to mind and it was soon time to pick up the boys frome  school.  They had a quick lunch and changed into their swim gear and we set off for the pool.  Swim training for both my sons today, and I’m glad that the sun came out after three days of rain and strong wind because they’re training in an outdoor pool. 

Some quiet time watching them train, a good opportunity to go over some more ideas in my mind :)

Driving back home, I was struck by the beauty of the sky filled with the promise of good weather tomorrow.  While waiting in traffic I grabbed my mobile phone and took a quick photo, hoping for the best …

Not too bad considering I was hardly looking at the screen when I pressed the button! :D

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ArtFire Certified Handmade Artifact awarded to gr8jewellery

I am happy and proud to announce that I have received the ArtFire Certified Handmade Artifact.



ArtFire has created the first Certified Handmade Award in the handmade market. All the applicants are rigorously reviewed and the artifact is awarded only to artisans offering exclusively Handmade or Fine Art items. I meet all the criteria so I sent off my application together with an explanation of my handmade process plus photos of my studio and of works in progress.

As designer and creator of all my jewellery, I take great pride in my work. Each piece is meticulously and skilfully made with my own hands. This badge, which is displayed in my ArtFire shop and listings, provides extra reassurance to all my visitors of my commitment to handmade.


Fiery Fridays – 15.Oct.10

Fresh news from ArtFire this week …

  1. I gave my ArtFire Studio a re-organisation this week.  I changed my Sections to reflect my jewellery styles, such as Fantasy & Floral.   The sections were previously based on jewellery types, e.g. Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and so on.   I prefer the cohesive look now, when the individual categories are viewed.  Anyone can still see all the rings or bracelets together by using the Search Bar within my Studio.  In keeping with the new sections, I’ve updated the Rapid Cart on this blog (see right).  I now have three separate carts, each featuring four products from a particular section. 
    Another new widget I’ve put in my Studio links back to this blog, showing all my Creative Space posts.  This will give Studio visitors a glimpse behind the scenes.
  2. The Handmade In Europe (HIE) Guild’s Halloween Game carries on till the end of  October.  Lots of fantastic prizes to be won, including a $15 voucher from my ArtFire shop.  See this post on the HIE blog for details.
  3. I found my work in several wonderful Collections this week, including:
    European Autumn by MadLook
    Rich and spectacular … by Arctida
    Have a Sweet Day! by LarimarLounge
    Beadweavers Whites by GoodQuillHunting
    Handmade in Europe by ArjasUni 
    Thanks to all the curators who featured my work! :)
  4. And last but certainly not least, the fantastic news that I WON!!! :D


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I WON!!!

Last week I entered Beadaholique’s Contest to Win A Lifetime Artfire Pro eCommerce Store.

I love ArtFire to bits, so the chance to win a free-for-life store was brilliant! 

There wasn’t enough time for me to order new supplies all the way from the US, but luckily I am already a Beadaholique customer and already had some of their supplies in hand.  I decided to make a simple design that best highlighted the materials used and sent off my entry.

I am absolutely thrilled to be one of the ten winners! :D

Thank you Beadaholique, thank you ArtFire! :)